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Katy's support has Jedward ready for Eurovision triumph

JEDWARD have their fair share of critics when it comes to their Eurovision bid.

But John and Edward Grimes (19) can rely on the support of one very important fan for the latest twist in their career -- pop princess Katy Perry.

The star, who helped judge the Irish X Factor auditions, has given her vote of confidence to the madcap duo and their new song Lipstick.

"We were talking to Katy Perry last night and she thought it was amazing that we are going and signed a T-shirt for us wishing us luck," Edward said.

"Everybody in the business is really supportive because they know how big it is. It's a huge platform; Celine Dion and ABBA came from it."

The gorgeous wife of Brit actor and comedian Russell Brand has also been advising them on navigating the intricacies of the showbiz world.

"It's crazy to think that our last shoot for VIP Magazine was in the Wax Museum and within a year we are getting our own waxworks. Everything this year is a step up from last year. Katy Perry told us last night that it takes time; it just doesn't happen overnight," said Edward.

The bubbly pair revealed how people who slag off them and the annual song contest are "lame" -- and their earlier years being bullied help them deal with any negativity they encounter.

"Me and Edward know that we have a totally great song and we can totally do this. We have such belief in ourselves and our fans have such belief so we don't care about people who are like that. Basically they are just negative people," John said.

The Lucan natives are sporting an edgy new look in the latest issue of VIP magazine, where they reveal all about their cosmic rise up the showbiz ladder.

And Edward explained how being the target of schoolyard bullying has only made them stronger and better able to deal with media attention.

"We have gone through so much and have learned from every single situation from people attacking us and bullying us. Me and John have come through it and we have each other and have confidence in each other. I don't really mind what other people think as long as John is cool," he said.

"Me and John can't get nervous and I think that's why everyone has so much belief in us. People know that we will do a good job because we have already proven ourselves."

He said that they have learnt to brush off any unwanted comments.

"You realise that people are trying to impact on your lives, but it's just language. When we went to France people were trying to slag us off, but we didn't know what they were talking about so it didn't affect us. We have realised that everyone is just living and we are all like apes."

The latest issue of VIP magazine, featuring Jedward, is out now