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Kanye thinks Sinead is a really top lady

SINEAD O'Connor is back in fashion – or at least Kanye West thinks so.

The rapper was spotted in a sweatshirt featuring the Irish singer in a Californian petrol station this week.

Wearing a black long sleeve shirt with a Sinead O'Connor graphic, custom destroyed denim jeans, and a pair of Nike Flyknit trainers, the 36-year-old happily chatted to photographers as he filled up his car.

The decision by West to wear the Sinead top could well be seen as backing the Bray singer after her recent clash with Miley Cyrus.

An open letter she posted to the 20-year-old online, has been described as "the most popular thing Sinead O'Connor has done in 20 years".



O'Connor is due to tour the US next month with her most recent album, How About I Be Me (And You Be You).

Her US tour has attracted huge interest after she clashed with Cyrus over an interview the Tennessee woman gave to Rolling Stone in which she claimed the racy promo for single Wrecking Ball had been inspired by Sinead's iconic video for Nothing Compares 2 U.

This prompted an open letter in which Sinead warned Miley she was being exploited by the music industry.

But instead of taking the comments on-board, Miley compared Sinead to US actress Amanda Bynes.