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Jedward's licence to chill with cover of 007 theme

GET ready for a more grown-up Jedward as the famous twins get serious and unplugged.

The pop duo have ditched their signature style and have gone all indie and chilled-out, recording a YouTube video of themselves singing Adele's 007 hit single Skyfall.

And for once, the Lucan boys have decided to keep things understated.

Gone are the dance moves, sky high quiffs and spangled stage costumes.

Instead, the boys wear white buttoned-down shirts, black jeans and have their hair swept to one side.

The setting is also muted. There are no glitzy backdrops or dramatic lighting changes. The boys sit on stools in front of a pale white wall.


It seems the twins -- who first found fame on the X Factor in 2009 -- are determined to prove they are no longer a novelty act.

Since bursting onto the pop scene, they have garnered a loyal and devoted fan base, becoming renowned for their outlandish style and catchy pop songs.

But despite their success, the lovable pair are often criticised for being a novelty or 'joke act'.

But now Jedward are moving in a different direction and, despite what cynics may say, the new sound seems be working for them, as the video has already received close to 90,000 hits.