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Jedward: We want to work with Li-Lo

Jedward have revealed they would love to collaborate with renowned party animal Lindsay Lohan.

Irish twins John and Edward Grimes revealed they are big fans of the 25-year-old Hollywood bad girl and are keen to record a duet with her.

Edward, 19, said: "We'd like to do a song with Lindsay Lohan. She's really cool. We loved her when she was in Herbie and she had all red hair."

He added: "It would be all about rumours and fighting against it, because at first she was all crazy and now she's back to normal."

Jedward's new album Victory, released on August 15, features 15 original songs from the X Factor stars.

Edward said: "On this album there's no collaborations because me and John are just John and Edward."

The pair also hope to persuade Justin Timberlake to get back into the music business.

Edward said: "We'd like to do a collaboration with Justin Timberlake. We really want Justin Timberlake to get back out there because he's the original Justin."

The quiff-haired stars recently worked with gossip blogger Perez Hilton on the video for their latest single Bad Behaviour.

John said: "I think Perez Hilton is really cool. It's cool that he was in Rihanna's video, Britney Spears' video and now he's in our video. And the thing about Perez Hilton is he's a huge icon so it's really cool he decided to be in our video."

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