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J-Lo wows with a booty-ful show

JENNIFER Lopez has always wondered what Ireland feels like. Apparently, it "tickles". Or maybe that's just the breeze (you didn't think her hair moved by itself, did you?). She likes it here.

She even asks us if we'd be interested in hearing some stories about love. The fans yell yes, J-Lo simply laughs and breaks into song (the big tease). And you know what's strange about this most entrancing of American entertainers? Well, aside from the public's fascination with the 43-year-old's shapely backside, that is. No, it's that, after 13 years and seven studio albums, this is Lopez's very first world tour. Dance Again, she calls it. Despite never having tried it before.

Still, it's a good look on her, this touring business. A tight fit, even -- just like that bejewelled catsuit of hers (don't judge -- I'm merely observing what's in front of me). Granted, she might have benefited from hitting the road at the peak of her recording career. You know, back when a new Jennifer Lopez album actually got people excited. But the empty seats inside the O2 are hidden. It helps that the stage extends through the crowd, which means an evening with Lopez (a talented singer, mind) and her booty (again, I'm just observing) is a far more intimate experience than any of us could have predicted.


The woman is, of course, a perfectionist, and that's exactly the kind of mentality she expects from the various musicians and dancers in team J-Lo. Luckily, everyone delivers. No matter what the scenario, from explosive, meticulously-choreographed openings (the rambunctious Get Right kicks things off) to drippy ballads, Lopez adds all the right bells, whistles and top hats to make for a visually impressive performance. Oh, and the songs aren't too shabby, either.

At one point, her dancers take part in a boxing match (ring and referee included). Later, they bring us back to 'the Block' in a bid to remind everyone in attendance that Jenny is still the girl she used to be (there's even a small plastic crate for her to sit on ... so you know she's being genuine). Yep, the chick in the pricey tracksuit is still real, y'all. And if there's one thing that's more surprising than the time it took for this so-called diva to head out on tour, it's that Jennifer Lopez puts on one hell of a show.