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'I've hidden all the horrible pics of me on Popstars'


Hazel Kaneswaran.

Hazel Kaneswaran.

Hazel Kaneswaran.

FORMER Popstar contestant Hazel Kaneswaran says she hated the way she looked when she appeared on the show.

"When I was pregnant with Oisin on the show, I did all the worst things you could do," she told The Diary. "I cut my hair and I ate about 5,000 pecan slices per day.

"I thought 'oh I'm pregnant the baby is going to eat loads' and I put on five stone. I was like the size of a house."

The 35- year-old mum and older sisters of The Wanted's Siva Kaneswaran says she has banished any clips of the show.

"If anyone says were you on Popstars, I am like, oh yeah, that's great, and then I'm trying to hide those photos and hide all the clips."

The Blanchardstown native says she wishes she had demonstrated some of the restraint Traveller bride and Voice Of Ireland finalist Kelly Mongan did during her stint.

"She's fabulous, how lovely did she look? I thought she should have won, everyone said it was her that would win."