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I've got to recreate my attic to record somewhere - Hozier





Touring the world is the dream for most musicians but Hozier admits he can't wait to come home to record some new music in his attic.

His fans are all anxiously waiting for new material and the Bray native says he can't wait to "fall off the map" when he finishes his current tour next year.

"I'll be on the road until March next year but it's been really exciting and I've been really lucky with the festivals and the gigs I've got to play," he said.

"I'm eager to [write new songs]; touring is amazing, it's a totally different experience but you get into touring through the love of music and that's always at the back of your head.

"So for me, when I've a bit of free time I'm really looking forward to getting back to writing," he continued.

"I've no idea how the next album will take shape but I have a few ideas that I want to get to work on.

"I'm eager to just fall off the map for a bit and work. I suppose in a similar way that I worked on the first album - take some quiet time out if I can and start working again.

"It's all about the attic, I'm going to have to recreate the attic somewhere else in the world," he said jokingly.


Naturally, Irish fans flock to see the Take Me To Church singer at his gigs across the world and he says he always sees a few tricolours in the crowd.

"It's heartwarming when you're in Australia, Canada and all over America and there are loads of Irish people at the gigs," he said.

"A lot of the songs would have an influence from Ireland and when you're chatting about that, you definitely here a chorus of chants from Irish people in the crowd.

"And you see lots of tricolours in the crowd as well and that can be really nice.

"It's really cool to have that much support so far from home," he added.

Meanwhile, the 25-year-old has asked Irish band Little Green Cars to support him on the next leg of his tour in America.

"We're going to play Radio City Music Hall in New York and a few other big amphitheatres and I do feel incredibly fortunate that the album took off like it did over there," he told the Colm Hayes show on 2fm.

"I think it's great to get the chance to do that and bring an Irish band on tour.

"I've huge respect for Little Green Cars, all of them are incredible songwriters and fantastic musicians."

"I've known them for a while and their music is very close to my heart so they're coming on tour in the US in September and I can't wait for that," he added.