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Imelda to give birth close to home in UK

LIBERTIES singing sensation Imelda May will not give birth to her first child in Dublin.

According to the star's mother, Imelda, who lives in Hampshire with guitarist husband Darrel Higham, plans on having her first born closer to her home in the UK.

"Because she's living over in England it's more then likely going to be happening there. It's handier for her," Madge Clabby said, adding that the funky mother-to-be is "getting on grand" with the pregnancy.

But the 35-year-old, who is due to give birth to her child in the middle of August, will no doubt be back and forth with the new arrival.

May's father, Tony, says she "loves the Liberties" and visits once a month when she's not busy touring.

The star's fame has reached great heights in recent years and along with success comes a jam-packed schedule. While the singer's father says they don't get to see Imelda as often as they used to, her family always make an effort to attend her gigs when she's in Ireland.

According to Tony, Imelda is thrilled about the forthcoming arrival of her child, saying it is a "huge deal" for her.

"She has always loved children, old people and animals. They are her three things," he said.

"She worked for a couple of years in a nursing home in England during her earlier days when she was struggling to make a living with her music and she was very happy doing that."

The artist's mother admits everyone is "holding their breath" for the arrival of the new addition to the Liberties clan and says Imelda is not fussy on whether she has a boy or a girl:"She doesn't mind as long as everything is all right."

May continues to perform seven months into her pregnancy and shows no sign of winding down - just last weekend, she played live at the Marquee in Cork.

Imelda is due to perform at the Westport Festival of Music and Performing Arts which takes place on the 23rd and 24th of June.