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Image and fitness: Imelda does it her way


SHE may be an international star, but Imelda May insists she is far from a diva.

THE mother of one, who will turn 40 this summer, revealed she likes to steer clear of enlisting a team of helpers to make sure she's red carpet ready.

"I don't go in for any of that stuff to be honest," she told the Herald. "I wash my face and put moisturiser on, I've never had a facial and I don't get my hair or my nails done; I just do it all myself.

"I don't believe in doing mental things to yourself [like botox], it's not very rock and roll."

The Liberties-born star is famous for her quiff and love of 1950s vintage dresses on stage.

But, just like in the beauty department, the 'Mayhem' singer looks after her own wardrobe.

"I've used a stylist twice and that was when I didn't have time to go shopping or pick up an outfit for a photoshoot.


"I think you should dress yourself, have fun with it – it's only clothes," she said.

And don't expect to see Imelda in the gym anytime soon, because her exercise comes in the form of walking her dog. She maintains a trim figure by eating well, keeping busy and drinking lots of water.

Imelda and her band, which includes husband, Darrel Higham, will be on tour in Spain for her 40th birthday in July.

The award-winning artist and her other half, who bring one-year-old daughter Violet on tour with them, hope to fly Imelda's family and friends over to help her celebrate.

"I've no problem with turning 40 at all. I'll be celebrating in Madrid with the band and we'll have a bit of a bash," she said.

Imelda and Darrel turned out in Dublin last night to attend a screening of 'Los Wild Ones'.

The documentary was made by Reb Kennedy, who first introduced the couple.