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I worry about putting food on the table, says Westlife's Shane

HE was discharged from bankruptcy during the summer, but singer Shane Filan says he will always be haunted by financial woes.

"I worry about putting food on the table, paying for my kids' needs, their college fees in years to come. It's about earning enough to have a living to be able to look after your children," he said.

Shane and his wife Gillian have three children – Nicole Rose (8) Patrick Michael (5) and Shane Peter (3).

"I don't think about success to be famous, because I've done that at the highest level, but it's all about my children.


"People can say what they like but I don't have time to worry about what they think, I only have time to worry about what these three people and my wife think."

The Westlife star was declared bankrupt in the UK last year, with debts of £23m (€26.5m). Discharged from bankruptcy in June, the 34-year-old is about to unveil his first solo album You and Me.

He said: "I'm starting a marathon not a sprint.

"I don't feel pressure to be successful because I've been in an amazing band so if this didn't work career-wise, I'd be disappointed but I'd be more worried because I'm not looking after my kids properly."

Shane and his family are currently based in the UK but the Sligo native is adamant his kids will have an Irish upbringing.

"My kids are Irish; I want them to grow up playing Gaelic football and learning Irish," he said.

"I love Ireland. I'll always be 100pc Irish. I get really excited when I go to Sligo, it's my home."

The star credits his family and manager Louis Walsh for helping him through some of his darkest days.

"Louis is not just a manager," he told Women's Way. "When it comes to my musical career, he is like a father figure. He'll kill me for saying that."