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I want Bono to sing on charity song, reveals DJ


Greg McQuaid with Spandau Ballet

Greg McQuaid with Spandau Ballet

Bono suffered multiple injuries when he crashed his bike in Central Park in November

Bono suffered multiple injuries when he crashed his bike in Central Park in November


Greg McQuaid with Spandau Ballet

DUBLINER Greg McQuaid is hoping to attract Irish stars Bono and Hozier to his year-long collaborative charity single ‘Boob spelled Backwards is Boob’.

The breakfast radio DJ, who has a morning slot on San Francisco’s KFOG FM, has been working on the single with his co-hosts Renee Richardson and Mike Nelson since January.

So far the presenter has managed to attract an impressive list of names to his ambitious project including Spandau Ballet and Michael Franti.

“I hope it becomes huge, though it started out as this kind of silly idea,” he told the Herald.

The song title came from his co-host’s eight-year-old son and there were no lyrics or melody attached when the project began.

So far every artist who has sat in the California studio has contributed to the track – some adding melody, some adding guitar and some giving their vocals.


“It has turned into something that is fun and different,” the presenter said.

Breast Cancer awareness month takes place across the world during October

so the KPOG team want to have the

track completed by then.

‘Irish Greg’, as he is known to his listeners, is hopeful that they can add some big names to the song before its release.

“I’ve got my boss saying ‘oh we should get U2 in May’. Everyone comes by here when they’re in town and we’ll be at all the shows and festivals,” he continued.

“By the end if we were to have U2 or some huge name like that it will push it over the top. I’m looking at the list of people coming through town, like Hozier and Damien Rice, so hopefully we can get all these people on board.”