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Hyper-sexual stars lack dignity, says Mel C

Former Spice Girl Mel C has called on female pop stars to have "more dignity" and stop being so overtly sexual.

Chart-toppers such as Miley Cyrus and Rihanna have caused controversy in recent months with their explicit videos and stage performances.

Mel C (40) said the Spice Girls just "wanted to look nice" when they were criticised for wearing crop tops.

"My five-year-old daughter loves Rihanna, but she has no idea what her idol looks like because there is little footage of Rihanna that I'm happy for her to see," the singer formerly known as Sporty Spice said.

"It's a shame that a talented, successful woman expresses herself in such an overtly sexual way."


Mel C said that the problem did not "boil down" to one female singer exposing her flesh.

Unlike some of today's acts, the Spice Girls, who popularised the slogan "girl power", "weren't interested in pleasing men" and made positive music to empower girls and women, she said.

She added: "There are some great artists out there, but sometimes we could just do with a bit more dignity.

"We need to have a bigger conversation about society's obsession with celebrity.

"It's vulgar and narcissistic and I worry about how it affects young girls."