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Hozier hails dad for music ... and his fine head of hair





He's as famous for his long flowing locks as he is for his musical talent - and Hozier has revealed he has his father to thank for both.

The Bray rocker (24) credits his musician father John for inspiring his style of music, and also admitted that another thing the pair share is the same unruly locks which have become Hozier's trademark.

"If it wasn't my dad's passion for music or the blues - I received much of my tastes from his record collection," he said.

"We have a similar follicle endowment," he told music magazine Billboard.

"Hair that grows outward, thickly and wildly, with a mind of its own. I'm in no danger of going bald."

While the Take Me To Church singer normally wears his hair au natural, he recently made his high-fashion debut in Vogue magazine with straight hair.