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Heaven help us! Waters is back to give us another Eurovision ear-bashing

Failed Eurovision composer John Waters is back.

The co-writer of one of Ireland's worst ever Eurovision entries, is in this year's Eurosong final once again.

Journalist Waters has joined forces with Tommy Moran once more to compose the song, Does Heaven Need Much More?

The pair co-wrote They Can't Stop The Spring, in 2007.

The disastrous song, which was performed by trad group Dervish, came last out of the 24 countries who were participating, with only five points supplied by Albania.

Today FM DJ Tony Fenton believes the aspiring composer should cut his losses and leave the Eurovision to someone who has proven themselves in the past.


"He doesn't have a proven track record as a song-writer," he told the Herald. "If we're going to have a stab of at least winning the contest we need to send someone who fits the bill of what they're looking for.

"The lure of the Eurovision is the same as it always was. At the end of the day it's not brain surgery, we need a three-minute quirky pop song that's going to set us apart from all the rest," he added.

RTE's Aongus McAnally, meanwhile, urged Waters and his competitors to give up and "leave the Eurovision to the Eastern countries who want to take part in some sort of quirky dance contest".

The former host of RTE's The Lyrics Board, has entered several songs for the national final himself over the years and says that taking part in the Eurovision is now just a waste of money.

According to the Montrose star: "Personally I don't think we should bother sending John Waters or anyone else. It's a waste of money. It's a dance contest now, it has nothing to do with the song anymore.

"I can remember when you had an orchestra behind you and it was genuinely the lyrics of the song that matter, now it's all tracks and a novelty act," he added.

Ironically Simon Fine, the song-writer who composed Dustin the Turkey's Irlande Douze Points, has commended Waters on his decision to take another stab at the contest.

He admits however that the writer is likely to get "a ribbing" from the media and says you need to be very thick-skinned to put yourself out there and take a chance on the contest.

According to the composer: "John Waters is a public figure so he's bound to get a bit of a ribbing. I think fair play to him though. Why not? It's a lottery and you never know what way it will go. I certainly had great fun when I did it, it was a good laugh.


"Although I suppose I was more behind the scenes, so it was Dustin who got had to put up with the slagging," he added.

Waters has lined up former You're A Star winner Leanne Moore, from Limerick, to perform the ballad.

His song will go head-to-head with four other entrants, including one which has been written and will be performed by Boyzone's Mikey Graham. Mikey will perform his song, Baby Nothing's Wrong. Former Eurovision winner Niamh Kavanagh is also set to return to her Eurovision roots, singing a song written by Lina Eriksson.