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Happy days, but how about a hit?

SOMETIMES it's easy to forget what Bono really does for a living.

It's been difficult to find any article about U2 that doesn't involve money, so today's news about Bono, dubbed "the worst investor in America", does not come as a surprise.

Happy days, or so it would seem.

The thing is, Bono is a rock star, a musician, the well-recognised face of a business -- sorry, band -- who should be in the papers for his music.

However, the last album, 2009's No Line On The Horizon, left many a fan, not to mention several critics, cold. It was a brave record, not nearly as experimental as we might have hoped for, but also lacked a killer lead single and, in fact, any successful singles.

Should musicians stick to what they're good at?

Not always, but it would be nice if we could hail the studio progress of everyone's favourite Irish rockers.