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Guy: I'm having Elbow nightmares

Guy Garvey has revealed he's had horrible nightmares in the run-up to his latest album release.

Elbow release their fifth album, Build A Rocket Boys!, today (March 7) and Guy said he and his band mates had all been suffering nightmares as a result.

"I have very interesting sleep patterns before an album comes out - on account of all the anxiety dreams," he said.

"We all have them, the whole band. I had one recently where my friend had posted all my lyrics online. It looked like one of those religious posters you used to get in Athena, you know, like a cheesy looking desert background with a psalm written on it in italics.

"There was a hit-count in the bottom corner of the screen and people were giving me horrendous criticism too, real damning stuff."

And although the album is the much-anticipated follow up to their Mercury Prize-winning The Seldom Seen Kid, Guy said he felt a lot more secure making it.

"We've made all our other albums shrouded in instability, but this time we were as safe as houses, and we made enough money on the last album that we're OK for at least another couple of years. We feel like a proper band," he said.

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