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Gun comment gets Brown another month in jail

Chris Brown will spend another month in jail after a judge said the singer had made troubling comments in rehab about being good at using guns and knives.

Brown (24) was arrested on Friday after he was dismissed from a Malibu facility where he was treated for anger management and drug abuse.

Superior Court Judge James R Brandlin said rehab officials reported to him that Brown said during a group session: "I am good at using guns and knives." His comment was in response to an exercise in which Brown, who has been under court supervision since a 2009 assault on ex-girlfriend Rihanna, was asked what he excelled at.

The facility cited three other violations of its rules, claiming Brown refused to take a drug test, made a statement that alarmed rehab officials and was seen touching the elbow of a female client.

His attorney Mark Geragos said the comment Brown made that prompted concern was: "I'm going to ask my higher power to take away my troubles."

Mr Geragos said that despite resisting a drug test, his client did take it and passed.

Judge Brandlin ordered Brown to remain in jail until a hearing scheduled for April 23.