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Gone full circle

"I had to make a deal with them that, if Ghost -- a single they didn't want to release -- made the top 10, they'd put the album back out there," says Parle today. "Luckily it did."

The single stayed in the charts for three months and it became one of the biggest-selling singles for an Irish artist in 2008 "which just proved to me that my instincts were right. It was a lesson learnt."

For Parle, it has been a long road to true independence, and major label hassles aren't the only obstacle the 27-year-old singer/songwriter has had to contend with -- a record deal at 13 trounced by wise parents; a Californian album with the Grammy Award-winning Bill Bottrell that's still trapped in a legal quagmire; a major international artist passing off one of Parle's co-compositions as her own.