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Golden Hour for axe? It's news to me


 SURPRISE: Larry Gogan

SURPRISE: Larry Gogan

SURPRISE: Larry Gogan

The popular DJ is one of the most iconic voices in RTE radio and has been associated with 2fm since its beginnings in 1979.

Reports over the weekend stated that The Golden Hour is to be axed in a shake-up by new 2FM boss Dan Healy.

But when contacted by the Herald the 75-year-old laughed off reports, although he said you never know in the radio business.

"That's the first I have heard of it, these rumours are going around all of the time," he explained.

"I have been told that there will be a new schedule but nothing about my show being replaced."

But the laid-back presenter said that there is never any room for complacency in the entertainment business.

"It doesn't mean that it's not true, I just haven't heard anything about it yet.


"But I'm not too worried, my show has always done really well and it's never lost many listeners," added Gogan.

RTE is currently finalising plans for a revamped schedule for 2fm with reports suggesting that this will include axing one show from the loss-making station.

However, Gogan defended his golden oldie show and believes it pulls in a youthful audience compared some of his rivals.

"The average listener age to the show is 32 so I think our show is still popular among a young audience and it has consistently done better than others," he told the Herald.