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Gleeson shows he has more than one string to his bow...

Actor Brendan Gleeson is proving he is a wizard on the mandolin and fiddle.

He is usually seen displaying his acting talent in movies including The Guard and In Bruge.

But Hollywood star Gleeson has now set off on a national tour showing his musical skill.

Joined by musicians, Francis Gaffney, Dirk Powell, and Mike McGoldrick, the 58-year-old is part of a Music Network tour, funded by the Arts Council, bringing live music to audiences around at affordable prices.

On Wednesday night the musicians performed at the Mermaid Theatre in Bray to a full house of 250, including former politician Liz McManus and actor Sean McGinley.

"Brendan was so relaxed and at ease with the audience. The whole night was a joy for everyone who attended," said one audience member.

The Dublin actor has revealed it was hooking up with Appalachian multi-instrumentalist Dirk Powell on the set of film Cold Mountain in 2003 which paved the way for the musical get together.