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Fans prove they are true Beliebers

True Beliebers from all over the country flocked to the O2 last night to pay homage to their teen idol as he made his Irish debut.

Braving freezing temperatures and driving rain, gangs of teenagers revealed how they had spent the past two days trying to track down the Baby crooner.

Many had been queuing outside the O2 since 6am yesterday morning.

Others had travelled from as far away as Kerry, Cork and Donegal.

There were also some familiar faces in attendance, including Morah Ryan, there with daughter Babette (11), as well as Ryan Tubridy's daughter Ella (11).

Excitement levels were sky high among a group of particularly ardent Beliebers who had spent the whole day waiting outside the VIP entrance of the O2.

Bray friends Aine Peare (14) Katie Byrne (13), Asha Forde (14), Bebhinn Dutton (13) and Katelynn Mohan (13) had nearly keeled over after his people carrier passed by them.

"He's just gorgeous, we all love him," said Aine. "We've been following him around all day and then we saw his car coming in.

"We saw his red hoody in the back of the car and we started chasing him. Katelynn even tried to scale the gate! Girls started crying when they saw him coming in.

"It was great just to get the tickets as they sold so fast, we couldn't believe how lucky we were. We can't wait to see him."

Teenagers Tara Williamson (16), Ellie Walsh (16) and Sheona McCarthy (16) from Knocklyon had been there since 2pm.

"We are true Beliebers!" said Tara.