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Fans ignore Bush's plea not to take snaps of gig

Footage from the first night of Kate Bush's comeback gigs has surfaced online despite the star's plea not to film the show.

The singer (pictured) told fans it would "mean a great deal" if people did not use their phones or computers during the concerts, but at least one gig-goer ignored the request, filming a two-minute clip of her performing the final song of the night, Cloudbusting.

The recording got a mixed response with one fan telling the person who filmed it that "clearly someone had no respect for her or what she does".


Another said: "Poor video, poor audio, why did you bother? And isn't this typical of the selfish world we find ourselves in; no respect for others' wishes at all."

But others who couldn't make the at the Hammersmith Apollo, London, gig were happy, with one saying: "Thank you so so much for sharing this video.

"I feel so lucky to see her on stage for the first time, because I couldn't afford the tickets."