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Fanning returns to the screen thanks to new Sky deal

STALWART radio presenter Dave Fanning will return to TV screens after landing a new deal with broadcaster Sky.

The Dublin music whiz impressed TV bosses with his series of lengthy interviews in which he grilled the likes of US chart-toppers The Killers and Radiohead.

Now Sky Arts have asked him back for more, although the straight-talking host warned that it will be on his own terms.

"They had a series of 20 interviews that they have been showing and they want me to do more," Fanning told the Herald.

"What they are doing and how they are going to do it I don't know, but it will be me interviewing rock stars."


The interviews have been aired and repeated over the course of several years so Fanning said that it is about time that they bought more from him.

Speaking at the Chernobyl Children International (CCI) Charity lunch Dave said: "They bought 20 and they have been shown three or four times each at this stage, which I think is a bit much.

"They want to commission another batch, but whether I agree with their terms and conditions is another thing.

"But I usually do sit-down meetings in hotel rooms with the acts," he added.

Fanning (58) who has just moved to a weekend slot on RTE 2fm, is due to travel to the UK next week where he will start recording a new music show for BBC radio.

The presenter has been working on radio across the water since 1994 when Richard Branson asked him to join his new station, Virgin Radio.

"I am doing a show on BBC Radio Six so I think I am going over there next week to record the first one," he added.

"I think there is still plenty more to be done," he said of his illustrious career in the TV, radio and literary worlds.

Fanning joined fellow 2fm DJ Larry Gogan in moving to the weekend as part of the station's new shake-up last month.

And the host said he was relieved at the move, revealing that he had been pushing for a move from the night-time slot for a long time.

The DJ presents his show on 2fm on Saturdays and Sundays from 10am-12pm, giving him the chance to continue his other work pursuits across the water.

"I was looking at moving back for awhile and I missed doing my Saturday show," he said.