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THE mother of Phil Lynott has revealed how she marked the anniversary of her rock star son's death this year with fans, despite a bad fall at her home.

Philomena Lynott (83) fell at her Sutton home just a few weeks before the annual Vibe For Philo, staged in Vicar Street last weekend.

"My legs went out from underneath me and I fell against the wall. I was lucky where I struck the wall, because a foot or so closer and I would have lost my eye," Philomena told The Herald.

Fortunately her nephew Graham, with whom she lives, had been in the house at the time, and brought her to her local GP.

"I was walking around with a black eye for a few days," she said.

"People thought the burglars had come back and beaten me up."

In an incident last year, thieves smashed their way into the conservatory of the house, bought for her by the Thin Lizzy legend (above).

However, she had recovered enough from the fall to attend the Vibe For Philo event last Saturday.

It had an extra poignancy as it was held on the exact date on which Lynott died in 1986.

"The thing I was worried about was not my health, but whether the fans from around the world could get to Ireland with all the storms going on," she added.

"There were ferries and flights being cancelled all day, but they still managed to get here from as far away as New Zealand.

"I had people in campervans showing up at my house from 5am."

The former hotelier often brings fans, paying homage at her son's grave in nearby Sutton Cemetery, back to her own home.

"They love the link to Phil and I love meeting them," she said.

Last August, Philomena unveiled the iconic statue of her son on Harry Street, outside Bruxelles Bar, after it was restored to its plinth having being damaged in an incident the previous May.