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Evergreen Kylie back to best with Pharrell

Kylie Kiss Me Once (Parlophone)

LADY of Grace; Great of Praises; Sweet of Love; Mistress of the Mirrorball; Cosmic Car Mechanic; Lady of the Golden Pants; Queen of the Big Red Chair; Nefertiti of Recyclable Pop Beats; Kylie, we thank you for bringing us More Water From Nazareth.

Yes, MWFN, is Pharrell Williams' publishing company.

And the man of the moment delivers another ace with I Was Gonna Cancel, the most stylistically concise and effortlessly funky track of the 11 on Queen Kylie's latest gift.

Kylie's talent has been to become re-born every few years of her pop life.

Following The Abbey Road Sessions in 2012, she sensed it was time to re-enter the chrysalis and emerge with a new butterfly vibrancy.

In pop music terms, a career of 27 years verges on eternal. Signing with Jay-Z's Roc Nation keeps the 45-year-old bang on trend. Yet again.

The springy guitar rhythms, once the hallmark of Chic's dancefloor greatness, have returned to the mainstream.

Here they get a workout on Sexy Love, a song that, with Kylie cooing "I just want to be with you", thinks with its feet.

The hump 'n' grind of Sexercise is too coy to have made it to anyone but Kylie's album.


There's plenty of bouncing, stretching and, rather worryingly, burning. But, unfortunately, its squeaky innuendo makes it sound like it was written for a documentary about gerbils.

You'd wonder if hot-shot producers skimp on quality when dishing out songs, offering three average ditties for every one memorable smash.

It seems like that here. Les Sex has a Jam & Lewis thump, but the vocal content is a melange of warped yodelling and vocoder overload.

Of course, that may be the point. This has a ringtone succinctness that will play as engagingly for babies in buggies as babes on the beach.

Pronunciation has been the bugbear of squares since Edison invented the phonograph. Kylie's repetitive "mill-ee-yon . . ." on the banging Million Miles will drive teachers crazy, but the girls are sure to love it.

Kylie has done it agan.