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Ed Sheeran's cousin recalls jamming times

HE is a two-time Brit Award winner, has collaborated with the likes of Taylor Swift and written songs for One Direction.

But singer/songwriter Ed Sheeran's early music days have a very strong Irish connection, according to his cousin.

Dublin-based musician Laura Sheeran, originally from Galway, is a first cousin of the ginger haired pop star.

And she says some of her best music memories involve jamming sessions with her famous cousin, with whom she remains close.

"I used to cross collaborate with Ed a lot before he was signed," Laura told the Herald.

While she has a strong connection with The A Team hit maker, musical talent clearly runs in the family.

"Ed does his singer/songwriter thing and his brother Matthew is insanely talented and really interested in avant-garde classical stuff, while our other cousin is a rapper," explained Laura, who is a vocalist and musician in the band Nanu Nanu, with her fiance Mark Aubele.