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Earning their Strypes ... fab four swap school for stage

WITH an average age of 15, it's safe to say that Cavan beat group The Strypes are one of the youngest acts to ever feature on the HWCH bill.

They're still in school. One of them has yet to do his Junior Cert. But don't underestimate a group of lads who dress like The Beatles and play just as well, too.


"We formed over the course of about 14 years," laughs drummer Evan Walsh. "Myself and two of the other lads were friends because our parents were friends when they were in school, so we've played together since we were toddlers."

Indeed, Evan (15), Josh (17), Pete (16) and Ross (15) first came to the public's attention following a storming debut on The Late Late Show earlier this year.

Their superb cover of Bo Diddley's You Can't Judge A Book By The Cover says this is a band with a passion for old school rock 'n' roll and rhythm and blues.

They write their own stuff, too, but so far, it's the covers that have left a mark.

A well-received EP (Young, Gifted & Blue) is but a taster for what should be a cracking debut album.

But how do they juggle the schoolwork with the gigs?

"We're semi-professional," says Evan, "so the band would kind of take a priority over school when it comes to big opportunities or big decisions.

"If a tour was offered supporting an act that we admire, we probably would take it. You have to give it a proper go, otherwise there's no point."

As for being younger than every other band they've played with ... well, age is but a number to these boys.

"I suppose people at the start don't really know what to make of it," says Evan, "but we're able to prove ourselves to them pretty quickly ... "

The Strypes play Meeting House Square on Saturday, October 6, as part of Hard Working Class Heroes 2012