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Dublin's calling for Clash with Mick

THE atmosphere around a Shamrock Rovers/Bohemians derby can, at times, recall a track on The Clash's seismic and seminal debut album.

Now, whether Hate and War will be in evidence in Tallaght tonight remains to be seen, but there's always the possibility that later on in the Academy Mick Jones may roll out the song as part of his Clash repertoire on the Hillsborough memorial tour.

In the company of Liverpudlian stalwarts Pete Wylie (the man behind the various incarnations of Wah!) and Pete Hooten (lead singer with The Farm), Jones performed several Clash songs as part of a benefit night last year and has now taken the show on the road. In 2012 the prospect of a bunch of Clash classics, the best of Wah! and the more acceptable bits of The Farm has all the makings of a great Friday night out, but it was a different mood entirely on the Friday back in October 1977 when Jones first played in Dublin.

The atmosphere just before the first of The Clash's two gigs in the Exam Hall at Trinity College was electric.

Given the incendiary and fiercely committed nature of The Clash and the mythology they'd built up around themselves, this was the hot ticket of the year. From the moment Joe Strummer bellowed 'Dublin's burning!' and the place went nuts, to the feeling of euphoria as we exited into College Green, felt like an instant.

Mick Jones won't quite ever have that impact on people again, but he's still entitled to our respect and admiration for being part of one of the greatest bands of all time.


Mick Jones, Pete Wylie and Pete Hooten play the Academy tonight