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Dolores finds her own Voice again as she goes back to studio for new album


Dolores O'Riordan

Dolores O'Riordan

Dolores O'Riordan

SINGER Dolores O'Riordan is recording her third solo album following her decision to quit the Voice of Ireland.

The Cranberries star is back in the studio and has teamed up with singer-songwriter Eric Alexandrakis to record her new track called La Fine.

The Florida-based composer shared a message he received from the Limerick native this week.

"Great to be working with Eric, chillaxing in the forest.

"Always good times with the bears...because the bears don't care...look at you now...don't fade away. Love, Dolores," the 42-year-old said cryptically.

The record will be O'Riordan's first since the release of her second solo offering No Baggage five years ago which garnered mixed reviews from critics.


Around the same time, the Cranberries - who rose to world-wide prominence in the early 90s - reunited for a North American tour that continued throughout Europe in 2010.

Last month, the Zombie singer announced that she was calling it quits on the RTE talent contest after deciding that the weekly commute from her home in Buckhorn, Ontario to Dublin was just too gruelling.

Her straight-talking attitude made her a hit with viewers but O'Riordan regularly came to verbal blows with fellow panellists Jamelia and Bressie.

The petite singer made the decision to relocate to rural Canada last year with her husband of 19 years, Don Burton, and their three children.

However, despite her globetrotting lifestyle, she has always maintained a close connection to her home county of Limerick.

And recently she joined Terry Wogan on the list of celebrities who have written a Limerick about Limerick for a virtual walking tour of the city which takes place this week.

The Limerick writing competition was set up as part of Limerick City of Culture 2014 with a huge volume of submissions received from around the world.

"In this here town my life begun, I left this place when I was young, To seek my fortune, say my say, I found myself so far away, I made my mark, life moved on, this is the town that made me strong," reads Dolores' contribution.