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Dancing for music video was my dream job, reveals model Lynn Kelly


Lynn Kelly

Lynn Kelly

Lynn Kelly

Lynn Kelly has made the move from photocalls to music videos.

The Dublin model is just back from Spain where she filmed the video for Philip George and Anton Powers' new dance track Alone No More.

Lynn (26), said it was "a dream job" to play the lead girl as she was filmed sunbathing, swimming with her on-screen boyfriend and dancing in clubs.

"It's a really good tune and it was a really fun shoot," she told the Herald.


"Me and my pretend boyfriend are on holidays in the video so I got to do some extreme sports like cliff jumping, deep sea diving and jet skiing.

"Then we also went up in a helicopter which was really good fun. It was definitely one of the luckier jobs - it was really long days but I got paid to have an amazing time and get a tan. Hopefully I'll get to do more of that in the future," she added.

Off-screen things are going just as well with her long-term boyfriend, Robert Barr.

The couple recently celebrated their 10th anniversary but Lynn says there won't be a ring on her finger any time soon.

"We went away on a spa weekend which was lovely and yeah I'm getting the wedding question," she said.

"We're happy the way we are and I'm still so young and we both have so much to do in our careers.

"So a wedding is just not on the agenda at the moment," she added.