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Cycling around Dublin was one of the best experiences of my life - Beyonce

SUPERSTAR Beyonce has revealed how her much-publicised bike ride around Dublin city was one of the best days of her life.

As first revealed in the Herald, the pregnant music icon decided to perch the most famous derriere in showbiz on a rented bike while she was performing here for an impromptu sightseeing trip around the capital.

And now she has described it as one of the highlights of her week-long visit in Ireland in the summer of 2009.

"Dublin has the most beautiful park (Phoenix Park) and I'm not really a good bike rider -- I've fallen off too many times -- so I hadn't been on a bike in 15 years. It was such a beautiful day and place, with the most incredibly nice, genuine people that I wanted to experience it."

The Bootylicious singer (30), who is due her first baby with hubbie Jay Z in the New Year, went on to explain how her new mode of transport also allowed her some precious anonymity for a change.


"I was able to get around the city better because by the time anybody noticed me, I was gone. People just said 'hello' and gave me peace and I just felt so free -- it was one of the best memories of my life being able to ride around Ireland. It was so beautiful and I did it every day I was there," she told Stellar magazine.

She came over here in June 2009 to perform a string of sell-out gigs at the O2 Dublin as part of her I Am... tour and again in November of that years. She was staying in the Morrison Hotel and visited attractions like St James's Gate as well as the Phoenix Park, hailed as Europe's largest urban park.

As well as hiring a bicycle from Phoenix Park Bike Hire, she also splashed out €2,000 on snapping up some designer dresses from Chica.

No stranger to Ireland, she performed a rousing set for fans at July's Oxegen gig where despite being in the early stages of pregnancy, she left fans breathless.

Beyonce went on to say how members of the public often make the mistake of thinking that she's completely different from normal people as a result of her star status, which was why her bike ride attracted so much publicity afterwards.

"I think people have the same misconception about me as they do about most celebrities. I think people, for whatever reason -- they've seen you on TV or in magazines, and I've done the same thing, I've been guilty of it too -- they just forget that you're human and that you have other sides to you too, that you're someone's daughter, sister, best friend and they get a little de-sensitised and it's almost like you're like a robot. We all feel and cry, we get sad and we all had our bad hair days and we all have our off days just like anyone else."