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Coronas move closer to world rock domination

After eight years spent writing, recording and travelling the world as the band that sleeps all day and drinks all night, The Coronas have some stories to tell.

"Come on," laughs Dave, after I somehow manage to mess up the lyrics to San Diego Song, "get it right!"

What's more, the guys have a third album to plug. They thrilled their hometown following last summer (7,000 fans at Marlay Park) before jetting off to LA to record with producer Tony Hoffer (Beck, The Kooks, Air). Happy days.

"Yeah, well we don't have to get a real job yet anyway," says Danny O'Reilly. "We got very lucky with radio play at an early stage -- especially considering we didn't have a major record label. We have 3u, which is more or less ourselves. Thankfully, we stumbled upon this song -- San Diego Song -- that took off and people buzzed off it and it got loads of play."

Sitting in front of me today, it's clear that these lads (all in their late twenties) are more than just band mates. They're the best of friends, too. "Absolutely," nods Danny. "I think even Tony and the lads in LA were surprised by it; that we do just hang out. I'd say we're more like brothers."


The Coronas specialise in hook-heavy, arms-in-the-air pop rock. With a few acoustic ballads on the side. The critics have rarely been kind, but it's not something that bothers them.

"Our new single got a good review and I'm starting to worry that the album, Closer to You, isn't going to sell if we start getting good reviews," laughs Danny, "Because I don't know if they can go hand in hand!"

Danny is the youngest son of singer Mary Black, and he's in a relationship with Irish MTV presenter Laura Whitmore. "I've no problem talking about my mam -- we're proud of her, and the lads understand that people are obviously interested in Laura. I mean, it's not something I'll ever complain about. I've got a deadly family and I've got a deadly girlfriend, so it's good." >Chris Wasser

Closer to You is out now. The Band play live at the Olympia Theatre, December 5, 6, 8, 9 and 10