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Chris Wasser: Verging on the ridiculous...but strangely enjoyable

Butchers bad, bakers good -- that's the theme and she's sticking with it.

What it actually means is an entirely different story, but hey, if a kooky Californian girl wishes to blend cupcakes, candy and Carry On sex appeal for the sake of her art, then so be it.

All that matters is that we're entertained; that somewhere between the Alice in Wonderland meets Willy Wonka concept, the girl formerly known as Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson has both the goods and the charisma to pull off such a large, theatrical, and occasionally silly stage show.

And she does. But only just.

See, Katy Perry (26) isn't exactly the most genuine vocalist, or performer, in the history of modern US pop.

Rihanna is feisty (and a little mad in the head). Gaga breaks boundaries (and is a bit mad in the head, too). Perry is just ... mad.

She sings too loud, and tries way too hard to be ... actually, I don't know what the hell Katy Perry is, or what she wants to be, for that matter. How about Jessica Rabbit?

Or Zooey Deschanel's long-lost (crazy) twin sister?


Then again, Perry does spend half the time running around after some mysterious cartoon cat, before donning some pointy ears and a tale of her own. What about Catwoman? Hmmm ... wouldn't go with the blue wig. A sexy Marge Simpson, perhaps?

Indeed, Ms Perry appears to have some serious personality issues.

One minute, she's an innocent young girl, chasing two mime artists who hold in their hands a huge brownie. The next, having taken a bite of the delicious chocolate dessert, she's completely and utterly stoned. It's all for show, of course, but throw in a tune such as I Kissed a Girl and you have one of the many surreal consequences of entering the Land of Perry.

A lot of strange things happen in this camp, dreamlike setting of hers. For instance, we discover that some American performers should never, ever be allowed to speak to a live audience. Especially when they get to Ireland. So do us all a favour, Katy -- ditch the script at your feet (not to mention that 'ginger' and Guinness nonsense) and remember that a little spontaneity can go a long way.

We're loud, exciting, and extremely eager to forget that it's a Monday night. And so is Katy. In fact, when she's good, everything else is great. Which probably explains why the hit singles -- most of them high-tempo, catchy pop numbers such as Firework, Hot n Cold, and ET -- fare a lot better than the slower, more tedious album tracks. And when things turn acoustic, you can forget about it.

What we want are thumping bass lines. Swirling synths. Dancing gingerbread men. Bubbles and beach balls. Overall, it's far from the perfect pop concert. But despite verging on the absolute ridiculous, it's still a great deal more enjoyable than expected.