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Chilis prove they're still a red hot act

YOU could never accuse Anthony Kiedis of not caring about his fans. "Excuse me, Mr Security Guy? Do not hurt that man," warns the Red Hot Chili Peppers frontman, as things on the floor start to get crazy. But that doesn't explain the dude's moustache.

He's got a sinus infection, too. Alas, the bare-chested lead singer isn't feeling too well this evening, and decides to blame his four-year-old son for spreading the germs. But that still doesn't explain his new moustache.

In fact, the Chilis are looking decidedly unfashionable tonight. Kiedis appears to have just climbed out of the wreckage of a 20-something hipster's wardrobe. Wearing a baseball cap. Bassist Flea has dyed his hair purple. And Chad Smith, well, the bloke is wearing a red jumpsuit.

Oh, and then there's newcomer Josh Klinghoffer -- the floppy-fringed young man who was drafted in as a permanent replacement for the great John Frusciante after he left the band in 2009. It's T-shirts and trainers for Josh.


But then, image has never really been important for this band. And besides, the Chilis are in the form of their lives. New album I'm With You (the band's 10th) is far from their greatest work, but it seems that most of the group's time and effort has gone into ensuring they remain a solid and memorable live act.

It's clear for all to see that these guys are well and truly up for taking over the world. Again. It's been five years since they last played in Ireland, and if this is just a lengthy trailer for the biggie next summer at Croke Park, then it's the finest trailer I've ever seen; a blistering, often deafening display of world-class musicianship (thank you, Flea and Smith) and playful, almost psychotic delivery (calm down there, Kiedis and Klinghoffer). It's also one hell of a production, too; a big-budget display of dazzling visuals and lighting.

Frusciante's absence is noticeable, but it's to be expected. What's important is that the guys have passed round one -- in style, might I add. Round two kicks off in seven months. Which is more than enough time for Kiedis to reconsider the porn star tache. HHHHI