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Chic's party-loving fans to get lucky at Kilmainham





The fact that the sun might – just might, mind you – come out for the first festival of the year makes the prospect of a couple of days up in Kilmainham not an unpleasant one. Granted, I'd pay money to avoid Kasabian and their audience, while Primal Scream were always a better idea than a band – but there is one genuinely unmissable act on the bill.



With the distinctive and unique guitar sound of Nile Rodgers taking pride of place on Daft Punk's Get Lucky – the song of the summer, no contest – there's no doubt that the appearance of Chic on Sunday will be the highlight of Forbidden Fruit. Their set at Electric Picnic a couple of years back is still spoken of in reverential tones, while a subsequent show at the Button Factory was one of the best and most joyous ever witnessed in the city.

Formed by supreme musicians Rodgers and bassist Bernard Edwards (sadly, no longer with us), Chic were initially regarded as just another disco act but soon revealed a level of sophistication which soared way beyond such pigeonholing. Everybody Dance, I Want Your Love, Le Freak and Good Times still sound fresh and vital with other artists soon queuing up to have Chic's stardust sprinkled on their songs. They gave Diana Ross a huge career boost (the intro to I'm Coming Out is jaw-dropping), brought Sister Sledge back into the limelight with We Are Family and He's the Greatest Dancer and helped Debbie Harry launch a solo career with album Koo-Koo.



However, for many devotees, one of the highlights of Chic came in 1979 when they gave French singer Sheila B Devotion a Top 20 hit with Spacer. A typically slick slice of Chic it may have been, but it seemed to strike a particular chord with Dublin dancers who, full of the joys on a disco dancefloor, seemed to bellow the chorus of 'He's a Spay-ay-cer' with particular gusto. That one probably works best in a Dubbalin accent, but the rest of the Chic catalogue works pretty much anywhere, anytime.


George Byrne

Chic play Forbidden Fruit tomorrow night