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Canadian multi-tasking prince of rap is clean and slick

"LAST night, I had too many pints of Heineken and Guinness in Dublin . . ." That's a lethal mix, son.

Drake can handle it, though. Wasn't Rihanna's beau snapped in Temple Bar, making the most of his big, green night off in the capital on Monday?

Here's the thing – the Canadian artist doesn't just mouth off about his "achievements". Not when he's got a voice many of his counterparts would trade their gold earrings for.

So, the bloke sings about Guinness. In tune. And with soul. A welcome surprise.

Now on his third album, Aubrey Drake Graham (27) has become the multi-tasking prince of rap, all within the time others take to record a single debut.

The dude spent his late teens on Canadian television, before turning to music. Wise move.

It's certainly brought in the dough, most of which appears to have been splashed on this visually spectacular tour.

Think Close Encounters of the Drake Kind; a big-budget playground for our handsome star (nice work on that beard, man) to stretch his muscles.

And that he most certainly does. Built like a boxer, Drake bounces like one, too. There's a DJ, keyboardist and drummer resting in the bowels of a podium. One of them will try to steal the spotlight later, but it's no biggie.


All eyes are on the charismatic performer out in front, whose live mixtape of sorts takes in big-city belters (Trophies), showy club-fillers (Versace) and modern hip-hop anthems (The Motto).

There's a head on those shoulders. He's got a good ear for melody, and Drake's impassioned delivery is among the cleanest, and slickest, in the business.

On Too Much and the brilliant Hold On, We're Going Home, R&B's new charmer brings back the slow set (we'll excuse the fan serenading, though . . . that got a little weird).

And, get this, when things get slippery under his feet, he cleans the stage with a towel (Kanye wouldn't do that).

Towards the end, a massive circular runway descends from the ceiling, calling for 'Drizzy' to climb aboard and give a shout-out to individual fans on the floor and in the balcony.

He even downs a beer along the way. It's Jay Z's trick (the shout-outs). Drake has learned from the best. HHHHI