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Britney turned down Telephone song

Britney Spears turned down Lady Gaga's Telephone, it was revealed, after a Britney demo of the song was leaked on the internet.

Lady Gaga originally wrote the song for Britney to sing on her Circus album, Billboard reports, but she turned it down and has now become a hit duet for the eccentric star and Beyonce.

Music producer Rodney Darkchild Jerkins wrote on Twitter: "Not sure who leaked Britney Telephone. Just listened and yes it's the demo, not a mixed version. I will not leak a mixed version. I am respecting Britney and Jive wishes."

Darkchild then did a live chat on Ustream to talk about Britney's upcoming seventh studio album.

He revealed: "Larry Rudolph [Britney's manager] came to my house and we had an incredible conversation about Britney's new album. We talked about the direction of her album, he gave me some insight into the direction and he wants me to work on stuff. I'm about to put 200pc of my focus into writing a new smash for Britney's new album.

"I think the fans deserve it, I think Britney deserves it and I can't wait to get back into the studio with Britney.

"Since the conversation with Larry Rudolph I've studied some stuff from her last album and the Blackout album, and that was great stuff - but I'm gonna bring something a little bit greater. I'm gonna give it my all to deliver something that's crazy, for Britney."

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