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Beyonce demands soap, an all-white dressing room and €100 candles

AN all-white room at exactly 72F – that's what Beyonce has demanded ahead of her huge show in the O2, Dublin.

The superstar has also requested Jo Malone candles and two bars of Irish Spring soap to be in her dressing room for the Mrs Carter World Tour.

Beyonce (32) will take to the stage at the O2 Dublin this weekend for the start of four sell-out shows.

Her concert rider requires some very specific items be provided for the star, to ensure that Dublin is like a second home to her during her five-day stay.

And although she has a reputation for liking to get down and dirty on-stage, the Halo superstar is a squeaky-clean girl at heart.

The multi-million euro Diva has specified that she prefers to have the temperature in her dressing room at a toasty 72F so she won't be experiencing any of the chilly Irish weather.

A devoted mum to the little girl that she has with hubbie Jay Z, Blue Ivy, Beyonce also specified every room she uses must be "baby-proofed."

The performer has a preference for all white furniture and Jo Malone candles, which cost a cool €100 each.

The Grammy-winning star also has very specific demands when it comes to what she chows down on while preparing to take to the stage.

She has requested a "large turkey deli tray" along with a jar of green olives and jalapenos as well as bananas, strawberries, freshly-cut pineapple, grapefuits and hard-boiled eggs.

It's not all healthy treats though – she has also included a bag of Cheetos on the list and a jar of peanut butter.

The rider states: "All food and beverages are to be presented on a table with a clean white tablecloth, linen napkins, disposable plates and silverware, drinking glasses and China plates, cups and saucers."

Her tour has been meeting with rave reviews so far and tickets to her first three Irish shows on March 8, 9 and 11 sold out in just 20 minutes.

This prompted Aiken Promotions to add a fourth date, on Wednesday, March 12, which has also sold out.

Her world tour which started in April 2013 will end on March 27, 2014 and has already grossed €180m.

Last year, the star was named Best Live Act by the MTV European Music Awards.