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Best in years, says Gavin after early listen to new U2 album

BONO'S pal Gavin Friday has claimed that U2's upcoming album is their "most exciting release since Achtung Baby".

Friday (54) has been given an exclusive listen months ahead of its release. He has been described as a "consultant" by U2 – and he is very much giving a thumbs-up for their 13th album.

"I've heard the new album and it certainly is a development. U2 turns corners very quickly and what hits you is how fresh it sounds. With Edge involved, there is still plenty of guitar," Gavin told the Herald.

"They asked me what I thought and I told them I really liked it. It's definitely their most exciting release since Achtung Baby."

Although the Finglas-born neighbour and life-long friend of Bono came up with the title of early U2 single 11 O'Clock Tick Tock, Gavin revealed he had not made any suggestions for song titles on the new U2 record. "U2 have plenty of their own ideas for song titles," he said. "I'm planning on releasing two albums myself next year, one electronica, the other more guitar-orientated."

A long time supporter of the Dublin Samaritans, Gavin was speaking to launch a new Active Listening seminar next Monday, July 22 at 112 Marlborough Street, Dublin, at 8pm.

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