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Best boyband ever rock Croker

Liam Payne just asked 80,000 people in Croke Park if they like Superquinn sausages. I reckon Niall Horan put him up to it.

This is the biggest crowd One Direction has ever played to, and for young Horan - the Mullingar lad who “travelled far and wide” to achieve his dream - it’s also the biggest weekend of his life.

Four years ago, he came to this venue to audition for

“How did this happen?” they might ask. They don’t. They just get on with the gig. Which, incidentally, features its very own, custom-made 1D safety announcement; Harry, Zayn, Liam, Louis and Niall politely requesting that we follow their instructions to ensure a pleasant evening’s entertainment. But enough of this politeness - we travelled far and wide ourselves.


We came for explosions. We came to dance. We came for Harry Styles’ hair. And he’s only gone and wrapped a tea towel in it. Typical. Everything else looks amazing, though, not least that theme-park stage with its video-game-like projections, criss-cross runways, built-in backing band, rising podium, silver party streamers and ginormous screens (handy for the folks down the back, who might as well be in another postcode). And the fireworks are sensational.

Sure, from where we’re sitting, the sound isn’t great, but that’s hardly the boys’ fault (damn weather). “We don’t care about the rain!” yells Harry. He ain’t lying. Niall (by far, the most popular member this evening) keeps his guitar close by. He’s about the only 1D lad that hasn’t grown a beard / covered his body in ink.

Later, he’ll slip on an Ireland rugby jersey. All the right moves, indeed.

There’s a silly, mock boyband boogie during


There are no lead singers, either. Separately, the 1D boys display a level of normality (talent and personality-wise) that belies their superstar status. Together, there’s a hell of a spark between them. Nice harmonies, too. Their playful delivery is admirable, and the material is first-rate. They answer questions from fans and tell Christmas cracker jokes. In short, they are very likeable performers. There’s even room for an Irish dancing skit. Best boyband ever? Probably.