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Murray declines Late Late invite


  John Murray. Photo: Brian McEvoy

John Murray. Photo: Brian McEvoy

John Murray. Photo: Brian McEvoy

RTE presenter John Murray has turned down an invitation from the Late Late Show to talk about his battle with depression.

The 49-year-old made front-page news earlier this month when he spoke movingly about "the dread and anxiety" that kept him off the airwaves for more than six months.

Since then he has received hundreds of letters and cards from listeners wishing him well.

But the father of two has declined offers to talk about his depression on the country's biggest chat show, saying that his job is to "cheer up people in the mornings".

"John doesn't have any problem with Ryan Tubridy or the Late Late Show, who he knows would handle the interview sensitively," said an RTE source.

"It's simply that he believes he has said all he needs to say about depression, and the best thing he can do now is get on with his radio show."



Murray has also declined a number of interviews with magazines and newspapers.

Addressing the nature of his health problems earlier this month, the former government press secretary recounted how he had been struck down by depression last April.

"One minute I am happily presenting this radio show and enjoying life, the next I am gripped by dread and anxiety, with the simplest task proving beyond me," he said. "Those with experience know depression doesn't just drop in and say a quick hello and head for the hills.

"Or at least, my kind didn't. No – it took a fancy to me and decided to take up residence for a few months, and boy did it make its presence felt, especially in the mornings when the day ahead becomes something to endure rather than enjoy."

Murray also thanked his wife Miriam and "two great children" Stephen and Katherine, in-laws and other family for their support.