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Model Sarah shaken and stirred after she Bonded with Pierce on new ad

HE'S got a licence to kill and, according to model Sarah McGovern, a licence to thrill too. The 32-year-old model stars opposite the former James Bond in the new Sky Ireland ad. And the mum-of-one was blown away by Pierce Brosnan's dashing good looks.

"He is so handsome in real life," she told The Diary. "I've seen a ton of his films. But I never had that much of a crush on him, but in the flesh he is absolutely gorgeous. A real Irish gent."

Sarah says Pierce's suave Meath charm and stature won her over.

"He was really charismatic and more importantly – he was really tall," she laughs.

"And if there is one thing I love it's a tall man. Being 5ft 11in it can be pretty hard to find that."

"Plus with so many Hollywood actors – they tend to be smaller than you thought they were going to be. And he also had the most beautiful Tom Ford suit.

"He's in 60s and very suave and doesn't look his age. He brought his mum with him on set, which was very sweet."

She may be starring alongside a 007 but Sarah says she's not a future Bond Girl.

"Filming the ad was great – everyone was so friendly and nice," she says. "The crew were fab and Pierce was a total pro. The only downside was that I was playing this dowdy mum.

"I'm this misery moaning about broadband so my husband Kenny has been slagging me about that. I think I'm far from a Bond Girl."

Sarah was cast in the ad several months ago but said she only found out she'd be acting with Pierce at the last moment.

"I got the casting call – went to the recall and we were told there would be a Hollywood A-lister in the ad," she said. "But I didn't find out till a couple of days beforehand that it would be James Bond."



While Sarah enjoyed the experience, she says she'll leave acting to the pros.

"It was amazing and such an honour. It was my first big acting gig – so acting alongside Pierce was a bit of a coup," she said.

"But while it was a really enjoyable experience I don't think acting is something I want to do professionally."

Sarah will be sure to stock up on DVD copies of the ads. "We weren't allowed to take photos on set," she says.

"So unfortunately I don't have a picture with him in it, but I do have an ad, so that's not half bad," she laughs.