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Model mum Sarah – I'm planning play dates with Andrea

It is going to be a model year for some of Ireland's most glamorous mums-to-be.

Model boss Andrea Roche will give birth to her first child early this year. And the pretty brunette, who set up her own modelling agency in 2010, will get plenty of advice – from her good pal, model Sarah McGovern.

The mum of one has reached her due date and is ready to give birth to her second child any day now.

Sarah, who has a two-year-old son, Jude, with her husband Kenny Vaughan, said she is dying to meet the new arrival.

She will welcome her son or daughter just over two months ahead of pal Andrea.

"Our due dates are ten weeks apart so I can't wait to see how it goes for Andrea," she told the Herald.

"We will be still able to do play dates hopefully so it will be really cute."

Former model Andrea revealed that she was expecting her first child with husband Rob White last September.

The Clonmel native wed businessman Rob last summer.

Andrea, who has taken on some of the country's most popular models, including Rosanna Davison and Roz Purcell under her wing since opening her agency, will be a great mum, according to Sarah.

"She's great; she is so tiny, I was dying to see her bump for ages."

Slender blonde Sarah is full of the joys of motherhood as she awaits the arrival of her new bundle of joy.

"I was due to give birth last Friday so it's obviously very comfortable in there," she laughed.

"There are lots of stirrings but nothing concrete yet.

"We are so excited to find out whether it is a girl or a boy," she told the Herald.

The 32-year-old, who is also a jewellery agent for Gemini & Miss Chic jewellery, is hoping to model for as long as possible once she recovers from her latest pregnancy.

"It all depends on what is out there workwise," she said.