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Model Alli McDonnell

TOP model Alli McDonnell has revealed she swapped an opportunity to manage models in favour of getting back in front of the camera.

The young mother told the Diary that BScene managers Sean Montague and Brendan Scully offered her the position of model agent but she decided to turn it down.

Alli says despite turning 30 last week, she feels it's too early to walk away from her modelling career.

"I'm very close to Brendan and Sean. I was going to take over the whole modelling section of BScene and look after the models. But it came to the stage where I said to myself, 'I just can't do this'.

"I knew I wanted to model as well," she explained.

Soon after turning down the position, BScene announced they would be closing their modelling section. Alli now says moving to Compton models was the best thing she has ever done.

"I'm happy that I made the decision because I just would have been behind the scenes there. Even though I just turned 30, there's still a huge amount of work for girls my age. The market here is brilliant. They want the real girls -- they don't want size 8 stick insects that are 18. A lot of clients will book more normal women. I'm a size 10 or 12 now. Maybe when I was younger I would have got away with being stick thin but I can't now that I'm that bit older," she explained.