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Minchin is poetry in motion

THE man in the skinny jeans has forgotten his lines. Which is a shame, because, up until this point, he really was doing so well. Alas, those ten-minute jazz-entwined beat poems sure are difficult to remember.

And besides, Tim Minchin is just as enthralling a performer when he's made a mess of things.

Indeed, those who follow the Australian comedian do so with a scary amount of enthusiasm, especially on these shores. We're in the presence of a rock star, it seems, and judging by the audience's rapturous response to the 36-year-old's hilarious material, it might as well be the gig of the year, too. Then there's 'the look'. The long, flowing locks; the 'guy-liner'; the bare feet -- he is, as the title of one of his most famous songs suggests, a 'rock'n' roll nerd'. But it's his self-deprecating manner and whimsical ramblings that make Tim stand out from the rest.

True, musical comedy can be a bit of a minefield. For every Bill Bailey, there's a David McSavage. But Minchin is . . . well, he's a bit different.

As he sits at his piano, (jokingly) praising the Big Guy Upstairs for curing Sam's mom's cataracts (a guy he met in a bar -- long story), you can't help but feel as though we're all going to hell for laughing and singing along. Oh well. A miserable afterlife is exactly the kind of thing you'd expect him to write about. A musical, and by all means, comedic genius.


Tim Minchin will play an extra date at Vicar Street on October 30