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Michelle sets up London love nest with new beau


Former Phantom FM DJ turned actress Michelle Doherty.
Photo: Frank McGrath

Former Phantom FM DJ turned actress Michelle Doherty. Photo: Frank McGrath

Former Phantom FM DJ turned actress Michelle Doherty. Photo: Frank McGrath

IT'S love in the fast lane for DJ-turned-actress Michelle Doherty.

The sultry Donegal native has already moved in with her boyfriend of six months in London.

"We've known each other for a long time but it's all about timing really. It just all fell into place so we've moved in together already," the 35-year-old told The Diary.

"He's based over in London, we are living together now. I don't waste any time," she laughed. "It's very fast compared to the normal but it feels right. Mark is his name, he's a Kerryman."

The pair started dating late last year and Michelle says she has never been happier.

"He's a good man that's for sure. And he was well worth waiting for," she said.



"I'm so happy. Since the move I've had a real change of outlook and think life is too short. If you want to do something – go for it, what's the worst that can happen?"

Michelle, who previously dated Formula One driver Eddie Irvine and rugby hero Denis Hickie, was keeping tight-lipped over her new boyfriend, who she will only name as Mark.

But she was quick to dispel rumours he's a fellow thespian. "Oh God no, he's not an actor," she said. "I don't think I could go out with someone who is in the same business as me."

Michelle quit her high profile radio job on Phantom last year and moved over to London in January to pursue a career in acting. But she admits things haven't been easy.

"It's a really tough slog," she told The Diary. "I didn't think I was going to walk over there and get things handed to me on a plate. I started from square one here and I will start from square one there.

"But I have an agent over there and that's half the battle really. I have been sent for loads and loads of castings. There are great opportunities over there."

While she's open to working on the stage and screen, the brunette says her ideal gig would be working in TV.

"If I had a choice over the type of gig I would like to land it would be a role in Breaking Bad. I love that show. But I'm open to anything."

Despite living across the pond Michelle says she's back in Donegal every other week.

"My parents see more of me now then when I was living in Dublin. I'm very close to my family. My sister has three little kids and is now expecting her fourth. So I come home and get my baby fix."

But Michelle says the pitter-patter of tiny feet are a good while away as far as she and Mark are concerned.

"I need to look after myself before I can look after a small child. It would be on the cards in the future but not at this minute," she said.