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Mexico was great, but I'm glad to be home, training with the girls and shooting Fade Street

EVEN though I'm jet lagged from my trip to Mexico, I'm glad to be homed.

I was flown out to Mexico last Tuesday with a few other Miss Universe contestants, and I had such an amazing time.

I was selected to promote the Miss Universe sponsor, hair company Chi. They were having a huge convention. Me, Miss USA and other contestants were brought over to represent the brand.

Being with all the girls again was such an amazing feeling. We were all such good friends during the contest so we had a big catch up.

We stayed for five days in Cancun and I loved every minute of it. As well as getting all dressed up for a big gala event, and attending some sponsorship parties, we also got to sit back and enjoy the sunshine which was lovely.


It was so great seeing Miss USA again, we were very close during the show. It was really good to hang out with everyone again, the weather was so amazing, it was just like a holiday for me.

One of the highlights of my trip was meeting Saved By The Bell actor Mario Lopez.

He hosts America's Best Dance Crew now but he's still AC Slater to me. He was so nice.

It was so weird seeing him in real life because I always watched the programme growing up. But he was really good to me and all of the girls.

Since I've been back I've been keeping busy. I just filmed the new TV ad for the online clothing store iClothing.ie and I'm still filming for the TV3 documentary Catwalk To Kilimanjaro with Louise Johnston, Daniella Moyles and Georgia Salpa.

We're filming four days a week, so it is a huge commitment and it's taking up a lot of my time, but this is what we signed up for.

Even though I've been missing out on a lot of the gym sessions because I've been away, our trainer Paddy has made me special fitness tapes that I take with me so I can continue to train and work out even though I'm not with the girls.

I was really hoping to go to Electric Picnic this weekend because I loved Oxegen so much but I'm working so I can't. But I have been away a little too much so it's nice to get back to work.

I also filmed an episode for Fade Street last week. Although I love the show, nothing is set in stone yet because I'm still working on other things.

I never leave my life in other people's hands. But I will definitely be sticking around for a while.

However I'm still going to follow through with my plan to move to America, to move in with my pal, America's Next Top Model finalist Eugena Washington.

The plan is to move to Hollywood and I'm definitely, 100pc still doing that.

Because at the end of the day that is what I really want to do.

Right now I'm living with former Miss Universe Ireland Lynn Kelly, we are perfect housemates. We're spring cleaning at the moment and we're getting along really well, it's too much fun to be honest

Next on my busy list of things to do is celebrate turning 21! I'm having a big 21st party in Alfies next week. Then hopefully I'll be off to Brazil for the Miss Universe finals to see Aoife Hannon.

There may be a conflict in my working schedule but I really want to give my support to Aoife. I have been in constant contact with her and she's doing great.

She was nervous before, but since she did hypnotherapy to calm her nerves she's been so confident. She has completely transformed.

And she's a really competitive girl, so she's in the zone now and she's working really hard.

Despite having a busy schedule my main focus is climbing Kilimanjaro in October -- it has been difficult so far but it's for such a great cause.