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Mel B 'splits with husband' Stephen Belafonte after rows


Mel B and her husband Stephen Belafonte

Mel B and her husband Stephen Belafonte

Mel B and her husband Stephen Belafonte

Mel B, a judge on the X Factor, spoke of having a "big row" with her husband of seven years, amid reports suggesting she had left him.

The 39-year-old star is said to have walked out on film producer Stephen Belafonte following a series of arguments which took place before she was rushed to hospital at the end of last week.

The pair, who secretly wed in Las Vegas in 2007 after a whirlwind romance, have not seen spoken since the former Spice Girl was admitted to hospital, according to the Sun, but it is believed they could reconcile.

Mel gave some insight into her private life when she spoke, in an interview with Grazia magazine published on Tuesday, about the couple having a big argument.

The magazine said the X Factor judge arrived three hours late and was "not in the best of moods" for its shoot, which had been months in the making.

But she later blamed her bleak mood on a row with her husband.

"I walked in pissed off because I had a big row with my husband about stupid stuff," she told the magazine's Christmas issue. "Sometimes he pisses me off like no other, but," she added, "he gets me."

The singer missed Saturday night’s X Factor final on doctor’s orders. When she returned to the show for Sunday night’s grand finale, she wasn’t wearing her wedding ring.

Viewers commented on Mel B's fragile appearance as she took to the stage with what looked like marks on her body, prompting Mr Belafonte to strongly deny the "disgusting" allegations that he had physically abused his wife.

A source was quoted as telling the Sun: "Last week everything escalated and there were a number of very big rows before Mel ended up in hospital.

"Her stress levels are very high and most of her good friends and colleagues were encouraging her to take time out from Stephen.

"That's now what she's doing but the question is for how long?"

Sources close to the couple told The Sun that their marriage is on "life support", with further speculation that the X Factor judge has been readmitted to hospital.

A source told the newspaper: “Mel’s marriage has reached crisis point - in fact it’s on life support. She has told friends it is over with Stephen.

“It was a very symbolic gesture when she removed her wedding ring before appearing on The X Factor final on Sunday night.

“She knew what she was doing and wanted to send Stephen a clear message about her feelings.

“Mel hasn’t spoken to Stephen once since her admission to hospital last week and as it stands she doesn’t want to see him.

“He didn’t come to the hospital at all. It’s a very sad state of affairs given she could have died.

“Everyone around her is encouraging her to stay strong and to leave him for good this time because they don’t believe their relationship is healthy.”

According to the Daily Mirror, Mel has been "convalescing" at a secret location following her hospital stay instead of returning to the London home that the couple, who are normally based in Los Angeles, have been renting.

Mel's chauffeur is reported to have driven her to hospital after the former singer suffered agonising stomach pains on her way to the programme's rehearsals.

Mel also told Grazia that the ups and downs she had experienced in life had made her a "stronger person".

Asked where the family would be spending Christmas this year, the mother-of-three said: "My husband likes to surprise me."

She added that he would be doing the cooking because "he's like a gourmet chef".

Mel, who had a paternity dispute with Eddie Murphy and split with her first husband Jimmy Gulzar, has previously said of Mr Belafonte's proposal, when he hid an engagement ring in her drink: "I took one big, deep breath and said 'Yes'.

"As well as going, 'Thank you, God! Don't let me down. Not for the third time'."

Mel B's estranged mother and sister, who she no longer speaks to, took to Twitter while the singer was in hospital, pleading for information on her condition.

The singer's aunt Diane Cook told The Mirror: “I really hope she does split up with Stephen. I hope she gets away from him.

“We are worried about Mel but there is nothing we can do.”

A spokesman for the star refused to comment on her private life.