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Meeting Ellen, coffee on set of Friends ...our honeymoon was a dream

IT'S not every week you get to meet Ellen DeGeneres, sip coffee on the set of Friends and celebrate your birthday. But that's the bizarre cloud nine that I've been living on since my wedding.

Although I'm now back from my two-week honeymoon with Karl (Broderick) in America I can't stop smiling. I am now a married man and it feels really nice. Wearing the wedding band has been so special, it feels different -- in a good way.

And now that we are married we can starting thinking about things like children. You never know, children might be a part of the plan. I think we are happy the way things are at the moment but then again six months ago we said we would never get married and we have, so you never know.

If we ever have kids then at least we know they would be in the panto every year because myself and Karl are heavily involved with the Cheerios Christmas Panto, so they would definitely be stars of the stage, that's for sure.

This has definitely been the happiest few weeks in my entire life. After being with Karl for 18 years, we finally tied the knot last month and the only word I can use to describe the day is magical. Getting married was so emotional for both of us.

It feels like the big day was actually months ago now, but it was so special. The reception went off without a hitch. We had it in the Mansion House, so we really went all out. Our guests said the party was more like a West End show more than anything. Each table was themed and we had amazing performances throughout the night.

Myself and Karl are huge fans of Mary Byrne, it was amazing to have her sing the house down. Karl also wrote a song for me, especially for the wedding and one of the guys from the panto sang it, it was a really beautiful moment.

The honeymoon was better than I could have imagined. We travelled to San Francisco and LA and we crammed in everything we could. From wine tasting in Napa Valley, visiting Alcatraz, sitting in the famous Friends cafe Central Perk to spending the afternoon with Ellen DeGeneres, it was a great trip.

It was so amazing meeting Ellen and getting to be a part of the audience on her live show. TV3 had told her we were coming over so she gave us a huge mention on the show. She thanked us both for spending our honeymoon in LA. Then she took us backstage to meet her wife Portia, she was beautiful.

They couldn't have been nicer, they were just asking us how the wedding was and everything about Ireland. It was a huge deal, Ellen is one of the biggest TV stars in the world, so it was very surreal. I absolutely loved California, I definitely caught the LA bug while we were over there.

But then of course I got back to Ireland and was frozen back to reality. I was back on Ireland AM on Wednesday and I could definitely feel the cold when I was doing the weather forecast in the garden. The hot weather was the best part of being away.


While I was wine tasting in Napa Valley and walking along the Hollywood Stars in LA, we were flooded with messages from people all over Ireland. The reaction to our wedding has been overwhelming. From Ireland AM viewers to Facebook friends, I have received so much support. We were on the cover of VIP magazine as well. Walking through the airport and seeing our faces everywhere was so strange but it turned out lovely.

Since landing back in Ireland I've been brought back to reality with a bang. It was a shock to the system getting up bright and early for Ireland AM. But I had a massive smile on my face the first day back because it was my birthday.

I was met with balloons and a card saying Birthday Boy when I arrived at the studio, then when I got in my car to drive home there was a big bouquet of flowers. Karl later brought me out for a lovely meal and we met up with a few friends. It was a great way to end the honeymoon on a high.

As well as going back to my early mornings on Ireland AM, me and Karl are putting all attention into this year's Cheerios Christmas Panto: Sleeping Beauty. From writing up the script to getting Georgia Salpa in for photoshoots, it's been really hectic already.

My new TV3 show Family Fortunes is also getting underway. The producers have already started the search for the families. We are lining up auditions for the families now, I'm still not too sure when the show will air but it will be in the New Year. With that and Ireland AM, it's going to be a hectic few months but I'm really looking forward to it.

I know I'm just back from my honeymoon but I really am ready for honeymoon number two. I would love to get another holiday in after Christmas and instead of packing in every activity, I just want to flop out somewhere on a beach and just do nothing.

The Cheerios Christmas Panto Sleeping Beauty, starring Alan Hughes and Georgia Salpa, will take place from December 15