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McSavage lining up worldwide trek for return of hit show

COMEDIAN Dave McSavage is gearing up for another series of The Savage Eye and this time it's going global.

"The series will be back next year -- in the autumn schedule on RTE2," he told the Diary.

"It'll be our fourth series and I'm actually writing it at the moment," he said. "Last season it was questions regarding Ireland but this time it will be questions regarding the world. It'll be less local."

And McSavage, who is Ryan Tubridy's cousin, certainly has big plans for the upcoming series. The comic may have started out busking and poking fun at passers-by in Temple Bar, but he now wants to travel to the four corners of the earth in search of comedy gold.

"I'm planning on doing a lot of travel," he said. "Maybe go to Hong Kong and Nairobi and Mumbai and do some street interviews. I'd love to do that. I'll be doing a lot in December. I plan on being very busy."

The titles of episodes in the last series included "Why are the Irish so ugly?" and "Why are the Irish so racist?" McSavage said that the heavy emphasis on Ireland last season was a result of RTE guidelines.

"RTE will only ever commission stuff that's about Ireland. We're a very inward-looking country."

But now The Savage Eye has more clout, given that it is one of the most popular and critically acclaimed home produced series in recent years.

And with round the world trips, this could be the strongest season yet.